My Three Words:


Hello you, thanks for stopping by.

I’m honored to do the work I do: helping my clients look their best so they can give their best to the world.

I work with coaches, public figures, CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, influencers, and change agents who are purpose-driven and positively impact the world. I’m honored that my clients are a “Who’s Who” in Richmond and (increasingly!) around the country.


My approach to photography is different than other “headshot” photographers.

To me, a headshot isn’t a transaction. I seek to give my clients a transformational image experience. I know the power of image. I also know my clients don’t typically like having their photos taken! They’re much more comfortable taking action and creating big things. That’s why I’ve designed an experience that makes it easy for my clients to be their authentic selves in front of my camera.

One of my techniques is asking my clients to think of three to five words that best express themselves. (You read my three words at the top: Authentic, Beautiful, and Playful.) I have other techniques for helping you feel comfortable, relaxed and excited to be in front of my camera.

My “Dream Team” of hair, makeup and wardrobe rock stars work with you so you’re “runway ready.” These pros are amazing at what they do and I couldn’t give my clients the premium experience they deserve without my team.


Holly Byrd Miller

Makeup Artist

Megan Wilson__Kim Brundage Photo_050219_502.jpg

Megan Wilson

Wardrobe & Closet Consultant


Most of my clients contact me in times of growth and change:

  • Increased coaching opportunities

  • Growing speaking engagements

  • Changing careers

  • New jobs

  • Company launches

  • Book launches and media tours

  • New or updating their website

  • Want to have great images for their Social Media posts

Or it’s just been a minute since my clients have had a highly professional, outstanding portrait and they want to show off who they are in this minute of their life and career.

Because of my marketing and business background, I make sure to align my clients’ goals with the services I provide for maximum impact. The best thing to do is visit my Book an Appointment page so we can schedule a complimentary consultation. I’ll learn more about your goals and share how I can best help you.

I get it if you’re someone who doesn’t like getting a photo taken. Most of my clients feel they “need to lose 10 pounds” before they get their pictures taken. Trust me: You’re not alone! I don’t know many people who feel 100% confident in how they look. That’s why I have so many clients. I know, for example, how to slim a client down just by making small changes to the ways my clients stand. Leave those worries to me! You’re in great hands. I look forward to working with you.


In addition to my work behind the camera, I also step on stage to speak to audiences about body image.

Sadly, we live in a culture that makes it hard for girls and women to feel confident about their bodies and self-image. I speak to audiences about body image and how we can create a more positive and empowered perspective about ourselves. You can learn more about my talks and speeches on my Speaking page.

I also invest my time in community projects and created an exhibit to help us feel more connected with each other.

My Identity RVA project was inspired after witnessing how our political environment was dividing us. I wanted to celebrate what we all have in common, despite our differences. Please visit my Identity RVA page to learn more.

I’m also a big believer in giving back. I invest my time and talent in helping amazing non-profits and cause-driven organizations to fulfill their missions. Girls For a Change is an organization that I am grateful to lend my support. Girls For A Change was formed in 2000 with the mission of empowering young women by inviting them to design, lead, fund and implement social change projects that tackle issues girls face in their own neighborhoods.


Ready to take the next step?

I’ve worked with so many amazing people who are making an amazing impact. I hope you’ll contact me when you’re ready to take your personal brand to the next level.

It’s your time,