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How others see you matters. 

How you see yourself matters most.



I speak on two topics: creating your personal brand and body image. 

Personal Branding 

As a professional personal branding and executive headshot photographer, I create photos and video to help my clients engage and connect with new opportunities. 

For personal branding speaking engagements, audiences benefit from:

  • Identifying what you stand for: your personal brand

  • Learning how to show up and stand out visually in a crowded marketplace

  • Discovering how to look and feel great in front of the camera

  • Communicating your personal brand through images and video—which, by the way, is THE hottest trend in marketing today!

As I always say, people still buy from people: you want to be the person who gets noticed and engages your audience. My speech provides audiences actionable strategies to take their personal brand —and success—to the next level.


Body Image and Confidence

Only 5% of the population is born with perfect beauty attributes and body. And yet, women are inundated with images every day of a standard of beauty that’s just unrealistic and harming our confidence. 

In my body image speech, I share ways to reclaim your body image and inner confidence. Audiences benefit from:

  • Reframing the conversation about what “real” beauty is

  • Instilling new habits and ways to build inner confidence and increased feelings of self-worth

  • Participating with others in exercises to create more positive self-talk and how to “receive” compliments (most of us are terrible about receiving compliments!)

This speech is impactful for both young girls and adult women because at every age we must overcome the unrealistic standards that popular culture tells us what is “beautiful.”


After The Speech Photo Session

Because I am a professional photographer, you can also engage me to take portraits of attendees. These photo sessions create a “wow factor” for attendees and provide incredible social media sharing and engagement during and after the event. 


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