Before I became a professional photographer, I worked in marketing at some of the largest companies and hospitals in the country. After I began my photography practice, I applied my marketing expertise to help grow my business. Soon, clients began asking me, “Can you teach me what you know?”

My workshops grew out of the demand to learn the skills, strategies and best practices to grow and scale your business through marketing. I teach and train on topics like:

  • Leveraging your personal brand online

  • Maximizing your social media to reach new prospects and to keep your current fans raving about you

  • Creating new and compelling content that best expresses how you help others with your business

I often co-host workshops with the amazingly talented social media maven, Shannon Loy of The Social Ginger. Make sure to stay connected with me on social media and my email newsletter to get the best rates and priority access to my next workshops! (Just scroll below to sign up for my newsletter!)