I designed my photography studio in Richmond to give my clients the very best possible experience. I wanted a space that was warm, inviting, had plenty of room for my wardrobe and makeup team to take care of our clients. I wanted to offer a spacious bathroom so my clients could change outfits with privacy and ease. And, of course, I wanted a studio that I could control the lighting and conditions to give my clients the very best branded images! 



In addition to my studio, I photograph my clients on location. It all comes down to what you want to evoke in your personal branded photos. For example, I have realtor clients who want to be photographed in homes. I have executive branding clients who want to be photographed in their offices. I also have other clients who want that X-factor in their images: so we travel to the spaces that evoke what they want in their branded images.

For my Personal Branding and Social Branding sessions, I conduct a branding consultation before the photoshoot. It’s often during these consultations where I brainstorm with my clients what props they may want to bring to their session that help communicate their personal brand, along with brainstorming location options. Not sure where you want to be photographed? Schedule a consultation and we’ll figure it out together!



For on location shoots in the Richmond area, I charge $300 to cover my expenses. Of course, I do NOT charge a location fee when photographing in my custom-built studio!